Aidan Combs

Aidan Combs

PhD candidate in sociology

Duke University


I study how identities affect and are affected by social interaction, particularly in contexts in which people interact with strangers or with people who are anonymous. In these kinds of contexts in which we do not know much about our interlocutors, what do we assume, what do they assume about us, and how do those assumptions affect the course of our interaction? My work is generally rooted in sociological social psychology and is often relevant to political sociology and the sociology of culture.

I like to make stuff! In my professional life, I build tools that facilitate the study of identity processes in social interaction. In my personal life, I spend my time cooking, baking, and crafting.

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  • Social psychology
  • Affect control theory
  • Identity and social interaction
  • Tool-building for sociological research
  • PhD candidate in Sociology

    Duke University

  • MA in Sociology, 2021

    Duke University

  • BS in Engineering Physics and Mathematics, 2018

    University of Wisconsin--Madison

Recent Publications

(2020). Assessing the Russian Internet Research Agency’s impact on the political attitudes and behaviors of American Twitter users in late 2017. In PNAS.