I enjoy teaching and have endeavored to learn how to do it well. I have taught the introductory statistics course in Duke University’s sociology department, completed Duke’s Certificate in College Teaching, sought out teaching-related fellowships, and held numerous teaching assistantships for courses of all sizes and levels. I prioritize inclusivity and accessibility in my course design. In future, I would especially like to teach courses related to quantitative and computational methods, where my teaching is well informed by my own undergraduate experiences in math, engineering, and computer science courses. I understand that many sociology students lack experience in quantitative and computational work, and I prioritize building confidence and interest as well as skills.
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Courses taught

SOCIOL 333 - Quantitative Analysis of Sociological Data
An introductory applied statistics course for sociology majors I teach in R with entirely open-source materials (see the website). In this project-based course, students learn to load, manipulate, and visualize data in R, conduct an analysis to answer a question of interest to them, communicate their results effectively in reports and presentations, and critically analyze the use and interpretation of statistics in the world.

Courses able to teach

  • Introductory statistics/data science
  • Research methods
  • Computational social science
  • Data management and visualization
  • Introduction to sociology
  • Social psychology
  • Identity and interaction
  • Culture and cognition

Training and experience

Formal pedagogy training

  • Duke Certificate for College Teaching program
  • Kenan Institute for Ethics Teaching on Purpose fellow
  • Southern Sociological Society Striving for Antiracist Teaching in the South fellow

Teaching assistantships

  • Medical Sociology, Tyson Brown, Spring 2024
  • Sociological Theory, Jessi Streib, Fall 2023
  • Introduction to Sociology, Craig Rawlings, Fall 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022
  • The Invention and Consequences of Race, Kerry Haynie, Charmaine Royal, Nayoung Aimee Kwon, and Donald Taylor, Fall 2021.
  • Introduction to Sociology, Ashley Harrell, Spring 2021
  • Leadership (MBA program elective), Angelica Leigh, Spring and Fall 2021
  • Negotiation (MBA program elective), Christopher Petsko, Fall 2020
  • Summer Institute in Computational Social Science, Christopher Bail and Matthew Salganik, Summer 2020
  • Social Research Methods, Jenifer Hamil-Luker, Spring 2020